Here are some of the people I collaborate with, and links to their webpages. They are all very smart, hard working, and extremely attractive.

One of the blogs I occasionally write for is


Nina Wedell – we work on polyandry and the impact it has on selfish genetic elements together, particularly meiotic drive in Drosophila pseudoobscura

Greg Hurst – we collaborate on projects on mating behaviour and selfish genes. Currently we are trying to understand the genetics of meiotic drive.
Rob Beynon – he is the proteomics expert I work with, trying to understand the molecular mechanism of drive


Amanda Bretman – we work on the ways male animals use the presence of potential rival males to influence their mating decisions

  Anne Lize – we work on Drosophila with unusual mating systems


Zen Lewis – we collaborate on a various fly and moth projects


Kelly Dyer – we work on broad patterns in meiotic drive across species

Michelle Taylor – Michelle is the postdoc on our grant on why Drosophila pseudobscura females remate. She is currently on maternity leave looking after little Dougie, but has still managed to submit two papers!

Mike Ritchie -Mike and I try to determine the genes underlying mating decisions

Luke Holman in a rock

Luke Holman – Luke writes complicated models of meiotic drive evolution, and I try to see if they work in the real world

Hanna Kokko

Hanna Kokko – she tells me and Luke what we are doing wrong with the models

craig walling

Craig Walling – when Craig’s not knee deep in fish at Edinburgh, we work on the heritability of various Drosophila traits


Olalla Lorenzo-Carballa was a Marie Curie fellow here at Liverpool, working on the parthenogenetic populations of the damselfly Ischnura hastata in the Azores. She got her PhD at the University of Vigo in Spain, and has been publishing fascinating papers on a variety of damselflies and other Odonates ever since. She is now a postdoc at La Universidade de Coruna.

sarah forrester

Sarah Forrester is a postdoc at York working on trypanosomes. In her first postdoc, she worked with me on the genetics of meiotic drivers in Drosophila.


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