My team


Andri Manser is a Swiss National Science Foundation fellow working with me and Stephen Cornell on modelling the dynamics of meiotic drive systems and the impact they have on their hosts and their population dynamics.


Steve Parratt is a postdoc working with me, Rhonda Snook and Amanda Bretman on our project examining how climate change may impact on male fertility. He previously worked with Anna-Liisa Laine in Helsinki on fungi metapopulations, and before that did a PhD here at Liverpool with Greg Hurst.


Nicola White is the technician running the project on the impacts of high temperatures on Drosophila fertility. She recently finished a PhD at Birmingham, studying how temperature affects mites used for biocontrol, but has returned here to Liverpool where she was an undergraduate.


Rudi Verspoor is a fourth year PhD student, trying to understand the molecular and genetic basis of the sex ratio distortion found in North African populations of Drosophila subosbcura. He has published previous work from his undergraduate degree at Edinburgh with Penny Haddrill and Brian Charlesworth. More recently, he has worked on entomophagy- insect eating. Before starting his PhD he spent four months in Benin surveying the insect species eaten in the country, as part of a drive by the Benin government to examine whether insect eating may have a use in reducing starvation risk in deprived rural areas. He has published two first author papers with me (Animal Behaviour and the Journal of Visualised Experiments), and has another in review.


Adam Fisher did his Masters with me working on mantis mating behaviour here at Liverpool, and this paper is currently in review. He is now in his second year of his PhD with me, studying how sexual cannibalism might impact on population survival and conservation in mantises and spiders.


Olga Paulouskaya is a PhD student with Andrea Betancourt working on how Drosophila defend themselves against transposable elements.

ben walsh elephant

Ben Walsh is a PhD student with Rhonda Snook and David Atkinson examining the impact of extreme temperatures experienced by juvenile insects on fertility later in life, and the implications that these conditions might have for their behaviour. In particular, on whether individuals are able to change their behaviour to ‘recover’ fertility as an adult when they have been reared at high temperatures as a juvenile?



Jordan Jones is working on an MRes with me examining the costs of meiotic drive in Drosophila subobscura. She’ll start a PhD with Greg Hurst in October.


Britt Williams is investigating cannibalism in mantids and Drosophila with me for her MBiolSci.


Chloe Woodworth is working on an MBiolSci with me examining the costs of meiotic drive in Drosophila subobscura.


Chloe Farrington is an undergrad working on how dispersal interacts with meiotic drive in Drosophila.


Graeme Keais is a Masters student from Steve Perlman’s lab at the University of Victoria, Canada, who is visiting us to do more Drosophila dispersal and meiotic drive work.


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