About me

flyfamily jpeg

This is Amanda Bretman and me, as drawn by Dr Geof


My name is Tom Price. I’m a biologist, working on sex and selfish genes. This is my website, and is about me, my group, and various things I think about science. Anything I write here is my own opinion, not that of the University of Liverpool, nor anyone else I am associated with.


Rudi, Pauli, me and Amy

Fly team catching flies at the GIANT HEAD

I can be found at:

Tom Price
Institute of Integrative Biology
Biosciences Building, Crown Street
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 7ZB

0151 795 4558


2 responses to “About me

  1. Dottie Sober

    I just read your article about birds and the practices they do. I have a Sun Xonure who is about 12 years old now. Just about a month or so ago, she started doing that. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt uncomfortable, and left the room. Lol. I had never heard of any birds doing this before until then. So, anyway just wanted to let you k ow that my parrot does it too. Lol Do you can note that if it helps. And we hand raised her from a bay, as well. She’s happy and very vocal. Thanks for shining a light on this subject. I thought maybe she was weird. Lol

    • No problem Dottie, we’re hoping to really get to understand why some birds do it, some don’t, and some seem to go for it in phases. When we get an answer, I’ll try to get it to you. Meanwhile, I hope you and your Conure are very happy!

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